Solid state high efficiency voltage regulator designed for older Brit bikes using DC generators (dynamo).

     The folks at Podtronics are proud to announce the newest in the line of PODtronics regulators.  This is an extremely efficient solid state DC voltage regulator especially designed for Brit bikes using DC generators (dynamo).  What is so special about them?

  • Housed in a very small and attractive finned aluminum heat sink.

  • This design utilizes the most modern state-of-the-art solid state components in order to achieve maximum efficiency. (no, you can't buy the components at Radio Shack)

  • Because of the increased efficiency over existing designs presently on the market today, less heat is generated . This means that the unit can be housed in a much smaller package.

  • The regulator case is only 37mm x 57mm x 23mm tall. Easily installed inside the old Lucas mechanical regulator box. Just solder the appropriate wires to the F-A-D-E terminals.  Finally, you can get solid state reliability, and still retain that "classic" look of the old Lucas mechanical regulator.   (Sorry, we don't furnish the old Lucas boxes.)

  • It is also small enough to fit inside a Miller regulator case, utilizing a special vertical edge mount.  This mounting is recommended due the very small size of Miller box, and because the mount will provide additional heat sink area.  We can supply aluminum pieces cut to size, you drill and tap..

Retail- $79.95
6-PE  6 volt Positive Earth    37 x 57 x 23mm case
6-NE  6 volt Negative Earth     37 x 57 x 23mm case

(as above)

For information about DC PODtronics® regulators email: johntioc@aol dot com
For information about AC PODtronics® regulators email: johntioc@aol dot com
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